Viewpoint Ceramics 2004

Hyde Art Gallery
Grossmont College
8800 Grossmont College Drive
El Cajon, CA 92020
619-644-7299 Art Gallery


Christa Assad Study of Squares
(Pitcher, Teabowl & Plate) Stoneware $330.00 (set)


Lesley Baker Grotesque #3 Porcelain $175.00


Justyna K. Benton Stacking Set – Black Porcelain $1,000.00


Sally Brogden Untitled (Blue) Clay $600.00


Sally Brogden Untitled (Green) Clay $600.00


James Budde Two In The Bush Ceramic $1,800.00


Gary Carlos Target Low Fire Tiles NFS


Jim Connell Red Sandblasted Carved Lidded Jar Stoneware $900.00


Mitchell Durkee Impanema Incident Clay $2,250.00


Barbara Frey Look Ahead Teapot #8 Porcelain $1,600.00


Carrianne Hendrickson Stones Do Not Move Here Clay $1,000.00 (HM)


Benjie Heu The Journey From Heart to Hand Stoneware $600.00


Coille Hooven Cracked Under Pressure Porcelain $2,000.00


Coille Hooven Rosebud Porcelain $2,000.00


Miho Hori Luv 4 Sale: Attractive, Spirited, Woman Wants It All! Clay & Mixed Media $200.00


Jeremy M. Kane Las Vegas Porcelain $650


Linda G. Litteral Armor #1 Fall Porcelain NFS



Leigh Taylor Mickelson Wall Gathering VIII Clay $800.00



Nathalie Anne MacDonald, Too Late for Blueberries, Porcelain, $850.00


Marlene Miller Elegy Stoneware $1,500.00
(3rd place)


Una Mjurka Birds On A String Ceramic Metal $1,300.00


Robin Murphy Partridge Berry Bunny Earthenware $1,500.00


Scott Rench Interactive Ceramics Printed Glaze on Stoneware NFS
(similar cubes are for sale)


Rosanne Reynolds Family Values Ceramic/Mixed Media NFS


Katy Rush Dual Headvase Slip Cast Porcelain $500.00


Katy Rush Devil Headvase Slip Cast Porcelain
SOLD $350.00
(1st place)


Katy Rush Purge Dishgirl Slip Cast Porcelain $425.00


Beth Cavemer Stichter
The Inquisitors Porcelain NFS
(2nd place)


Kame Takada Platter-108 Earthenware $850.00


Kurt Brian Webb Twentieth Century. . . Kings and Queens of Freaks Woodfired Stoneware NFS


Laura Zindel Mandala Bee Earthenware $450.00